What does the bible say? What is your interpration of what it says?

If you were brought up in a Christian home, you would have a good idea what it truly says. If you were brought up in a Voddo enviroment your interpretation would likely be questionable. In Haiti today there are many lay workers preaching with very little Christian teaching or learning.

Our society Haiti Lutheran Mission Society (HLMS) has sent qualified pastors to teach the true word. We want to do more teaching, but to do so is very costly. When having a teaching class we have to pay all expenses. This includes—travel for the teacher, travel for the lay workers, lodging and food, rental of school hall, travel from lodging to hall, a translator, even funds for the families of lay workers to provide food for the week. We are reaching out to the poor of the poor. Additionally, the costs in Haiti are in US dollars.

The last few years we have funded for one class a year with an average attendance of 30 lay workers. We would like to expand to two classes a year if both the teachers and funds are available. Currently in Haiti the lay workers get almost no other support or training to be able to preach the true word. Your prayers and financial help is needed to do this mission work.

Donations can be sent to:

Haiti Lutheran Mission Society
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