This past year we had pastor Harold Ristau and pastor Warren Hamp elected to our board. Both are a welcome addition.
Pastor Ristau has written a French Childrens book. Pastor Hamp went to Haiti in Oct. to teach 29 lay workers and 2 pastors.
No other Lutheran church body is doing any pastoral training in Haiti and very little is being taught within Haiti. And LCC is very appreciative for this effort. It took a few meetings to plan this and to justify the costs. Total costs about $30,000.00. Pastor Ristau obtained about 100 copies of Luther’s Small Cathechism in Creole from Lutheran Heritage Foundation. These books were put into our container and used for the teaching week. I believe that God meant the timing of this to happen.

We loaded a container the end of Aug., which arrived mid Oct. This was planned so I could go along with Pastor Hamp and be there when the container was unloaded. The goods were taken to an orphanage property for storage and a distribution depot. About ¼ of the goods were loaded into and on top of a bus that took 15 lay workers back towards Jereme (the south/western part of Haiti). The rest of the goods will be taken or picked up over a few months as transportation becomes available at a reasonable cost. Wood from this container could go to the Thomassique area of Haiti where we understand several buildings are in need of repair. An orphanage in Port au Prince is also in need of some wood. There are well over 200 pieces of 2” x 6” boards 12 ft long.

The Niagara Warehouse of Hope helped us ship items collected since our August shipment. These goods left St.Catharines Jan.22, 2019 and will be given to Pastor Marin SR. for an area that has likely not received much before. (Thomassique– N/E area)

Other projects during 2018

  • Sent $10,000 US to Mission Haiti in Florida to help finish a Lutheran primary school in Colminy, Haiti. We will work closely with them on more projects as funds are available.
  • We paid for 500 copies of French childrens books (with christian content), written by Pastor Ristau. They were put into our container.
  • $1,000 was sent to help Pastor Charles with surgery costs. Pastor Charles was the former VP of Lutheran Church Haiti.
  • We purchased 90 bibles and 300 New Testaments with Psalms in Creole at a cost of $2,000. They were put into our container.
  • We are continuing to help with the school feeding program, as funds are designated for this. Last years costs were $30,064.00 for 2 different schools.
  • Our Saviour Lutheran church in Dryden, Ont. is interested in working with our society. They have done some humanitarian help in Thomassique area of Haiti served by Pastor Marin Sr.

May God bless our work in 2019.