Jubilee was the dumpsite of Gonaives. People went there to find anything they could use. Eventually the dumpsite moved further away and people moved in to stay.

Today there are around 15,000 people living here in make-to-do shacks. They try to exist. As you can see from the picture, Jubilee is certainly not the best place to live. Where do you go when you have nothing and little education? One source of income is rebuilding old mattresses, which earns them around $3 a day. The area is also called the slums of Gonaives. Our society a few years ago had a well dug which supplies good drinking water for 15,000 people. We also have provided assistance for a school through the children’s feeding program. However, last few years the school has suffered because families simply cannot afford to pay schooling costs.

Our society has received some funds to pay for the feeding program, benches, uniforms and some teaching expenses. This will allow the school to function, feed, and dress the students. As more students attend and learn, more teachers will be needed. Your prayers and financial help will help in giving the children a future.

We will also be sending some Christian material for the teachers to use.

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