Haiti is a country that continues to struggle. For ultimate change to occur in Haiti, it must begin with educating the future generations of the country. However, providing an education to a child that is SO hungry they cannot comprehend or retain their lessons is fruitless. A commonly known phrase in Haiti is, “An empty stomach has no ears”. Trinity HOPE believes this and provides hope to the children of Haiti by serving a nutritious noon meal each school day to over 33,000 children, teachers and cooks in 160+ Christian schools throughout the country.

We buy all the food from local vendors, investing more than $1,200,000 annually in the Haitian economy. All the programs are administered by local Haitians, creating over 400 local jobs. Through a model we call Shared Support, Trinity HOPE requires every school to participate in the program costs (usually paying 5%), encouraging the country to help themselves and ultimately move closer to self- sufficiency.

By combining these feeding programs in Christian schools with the efforts of the local churches sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, children are growing in mind, body and faith. These children are creating a better future for themselves and their country from the bottom up. Although it will take time, in the long term we believe Haiti will become an educated, economically sustainable country.

Many supporters of the Haiti Lutheran Mission Society may already be familiar with Trinity HOPE and the work God has called us to do in partnership with HLMS. However, if not, you can learn more about the role Trinity HOPE plays in Haiti by visiting our website at www.trinityhope.org. HLMS is having a tremendous impact on the children attending the schools they support, and it is a privilege for Trinity HOPE to serve God alongside each of you. I would like to thank you for your continued support of the feeding programs at your schools. You are making a huge difference by feeding these kids a nutritious meal each day, as well as feeding them the true Bread of Life through the sharing of the Gospel. May God continue to bless you during these difficult times.

Keith Logan,
Trinity HOPE