Below is a letter summarized by Lophane from letters he received from the people in Jeremie in Creole.

Wally B.

Blessings to you my friend how was your night ? Mine was great and I hope it was the same thing for you and your family. I am so sorry to take time to send this to you cause we had an internet problem nothing wasn’t goes well here. Finally I have a chance today to send this email to you after ready all the thanks letters received from the pastors in Jeremie after this big distribution of food, water and metal sheets I just make a resume of all of them for you to share with your board and specially to the donors and supporters. Below is the resume

Psalms 103 v 1
Greetings everyone from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the name of the people in Jérémie who affected by the big earthquake 7.2. In the name of the poor people who leave by themselves who are very contempt or vulnerable I want to present our thanks to all of the members of the board of Canada and our donors and sponsors for this big gift. We don’t have nothing to pay you back because we are poor but one thing we can do for you and your families is to continue praying for you all. You always stand up with us in Jeremie at any occasion and bad situations. We remember after the hurricane Mathew how you supported us with two big containers full with different kind of stuff and thanks again for your support to helped us reducing the covid in Jeremie with the hygiene kits in our schools our churches and our localities. We don’t know to do without your help and one thing I want you to know it is not you who choose Jérémie it is God who choosing you guys to working in Jeremie to support his people. Mathew 25 v 25 to 35. We can’t finish our letter without thanks Mr Wally and pastor Hump who helped a quantity of pastors and lay pastors receiving the Bible seminar who we leaned a lot and bring back those to our localities to teach others who couldn’t make it thanks for that and thanks to pastor Blaise and Mr Lophane also who never leave us. Like we said before thank you is not enough but thanks so much and now some of our people can survive and have a place to sleep if it is raining to do not too worry and have some food to keep their estomac. May God bless all of you and your families and your ministries in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Have a great day in God’s hands