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Gift Acceptance Policy

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The MISSION of Haiti Lutheran Mission Society (HLMS) is to assist in making known the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide help to the poor in the Republic of Haiti through prayer, correspondence, personal contact and financial and material aid to Lutheran churches, agencies and schools.

We are a registered charitable organization in Canada, and a listed service organization of Lutheran Church-Canada (LCC). At our annual meeting in January, officers and directors are elected, activities reviewed, and policies determined. The Board of Directors meets quarterly to discuss and oversee activities in Haiti. The Society maintains contact with their members and LCC congregations through semi-annual newsletters and articles or announcements in LCC publications.

All officers and directors of HLMS are volunteers, receiving no personal reimbursement. Thus, they are nominated from Niagara residents in order to attend meetings at their own expense. Some individuals who live at a distance may be recognized as “Directors-at-Large.” Each director is assigned an area of responsibility. Because of our volunteer work, 100% of designated contributions are used only for those purposes, and administrative expenses account for only about 2% of contributions.

With the country of Haiti having very little infrastructure, the LCH is much involved in social projects. Most of their nearly 200 congregations operate primary schools. The mother congregation in Gonaives operates a home for the elderly, a boys’ orphanage and a medical clinic. In order to raise funds to help with expenses, especially in supporting school teachers and their 200 lay pastors, the LCH also operates a bakery, a computer school, and a stone quarry, which produces sand and concrete building blocks.

The Society contributes US $ 2,500 monthly to assist the LCH in their expenses. We also collect material items such as used clothing, shoes and bedding, and fill and send 40-foot containers to the LCH. Occasionally, we purchase needed automobile parts or machinery to send, such as generators or even a bulldozer. We also support special projects financially, such as repairing buildings damaged in the 2008 flood, rebuilding churches destroyed in the 2010 earthquake, providing medicine during the cholera epidemic, or purchasing Bibles in Haitian Creole. The Society may also cooperate with Canadian Lutheran World Relief, such as helping to supply tents for earthquake victims. Whenever possible, members may travel to Haiti to visit the LCH or to help in a project.