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Gift Acceptance Policy

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The MISSION of Haiti Lutheran Mission Society (HLMS) is to assist in making known the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide help to the poor in the Republic of Haiti through prayer, correspondence, personal contact and financial and material aid to Lutheran churches, agencies and schools.

We are a registered charitable organization in Canada and a listed service organization of Lutheran Church-Canada (LCC). At our annual meeting in February officers and directors are elected, activities reviewed, and policies determined. The Board of Directors meets quarterly to discuss and oversee activities in Haiti. The society maintains contact with their members and LCC congregations through semi-annual newsletters and articles or announcements in LCC publications.

All officers and directors of HLMS are volunteers, receiving no personal reimbursement. Each director is assigned an area of responsibility. Because of our volunteer work, 100 % of designated contributions are used only for those purposes, and administrative expenses account for only about 4% of contributions.

With the country of Haiti having very little infrastructure, the Lutheran churches in Haiti are involved in social projects. Many congregations operate primary schools. Last year we sent $10,000 to help finish a school next to the church.

Currently our society is helping to fund the children’s feeding program at 2 schools. For some children this could be their meal for the day. Currently 459 children are fed . —-total of 91,800 meals at a cost  of 26 cents US totalling $23,868.00 .

In past years we gathered and shipped goods to Haiti. The duties became extremely expensive, so we  are longer shipping goods. It is better to send funds and have items purchased in Haiti. The need for help is large. So we are selective in  helping when disaster hits, (such as hurricanes or earthquakes) help with church building and other projects that will help a number of people in humanitarian ways through churches in Haiti.

Currently our main focus is on teaching lay workers subjects that will help them in presenting the true word of God. Many lay workers grew up practising Voodoo, have read the bible, become Christians and are preaching.

Very little other teaching is being done in Haiti. The teaching we do will help the Lutheran churches in Haiti to grow. We also work closely with the Lutheran Mission society out of Florida on projects.