Our mission started in over 36 years ago in November of 1983. We have helped the Christian church grow in many different ways.

Good News

It has been recently reported that Haiti has been cholera free for six months. We played a role in making that happen by donating $29,000.00, distributed over three payments. Serum vitally needed to save thousands of lives was purchased, and this was one of our major donations. Now, vaccinations for cholera are given. Haiti is well prepared for a breakout.

The other major donation was a large bulldozer! This bulldozer was rented to help after the earthquake. Because it kept breaking down, we sent another one to Haiti, which is now being rented out for $12,000.00 a month.

A lot of goods went into the 25 large containers we sent over the years. On a few trips, I saw how grateful they were to receive any of the items shipped. It was a joy to pack some of the goods. I could just imagine a young girl’s excitement as I packed a fancy dress. We give thanks to those who helped in various ways to give to the less fortunate. God loves a cheerful giver. Shipping had to stop primarily because of excessive duties imposed by the Haitian government. There simply is not enough money to cover these costs. Any future goods we receive will be forwarded to Niagara Warehouse of Hope for shipping to Haiti.

There are two main projects we are currently pursuing. We are sending pastors to teach the lay workers who are burdened to preach with very little training. Currently, this is annual, but our desire is to do this twice a year when funds are available. (Note separate article on teaching.) Our other project is the children’s feeding program at two Christian schools. Trinity Hope, based in the Untied States, looks after this feeding program. They have done a great job in feeding the children at a reasonable cost. Due to the rioting, food costs have gone up and the distribution to schools has become a problem. With little to eat at home, this forces the children to go hungry.

“Whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.” (Matthew 10:42). We do not help others for the reward but help others because our neighbours has bodily needs which we can help supply.

There are many humanitarian needs we would like to help with. One such example is the need to provide food for the starving people because of the latest rioting. Currently rioting has caused blockage of goods for people and hospitals. This no doubt makes life difficult. The latest report is one in three are in urgent need of food.

The Lutheran Heritage Foundation have printed copies of French Children’s Devotional books for use in schools. They have also printed in Creole 175 more copies of Luther’s Small Catechism for future use in the teaching classes. Our society is forwarding $1,000.00 to cover costs of printing.

On the Board of our society are: Doctor Ristau who teaches at the seminary, Pastor Warren Hamp in Kitchener, Pastor James Wood in Dryden and Pastor Matthew Fenn in Stratford. Our meetings are held at the seminary utilizing Google Meet for those out of town. It is great to have these pastors guiding us.

Jesus Christ our Lord said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19). Haiti is certainly in need of teaching and with your help we can help spread the gospel there.

Pray for our society and for the church and people in Haiti during these troubled times.

Wally Bogusat

Chairman Haiti Lutheran Mission Society

— update —We will be receiving $1,000.00 for food (much needed) to be purchased and distributed to the needy in Haiti. These funds will be forwarded when received.