“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…” James 1:17

We have certainly received good and perfect gifts. You, our faithful supporters, have continued to bless our mission. I can only presume that countless prayers were also made for the people of Haiti and their little children who were hungry and needed God’s loving help to get by. It seems that all this love and help from you through our saving Lord Jesus Christ made a difference. The effects of COVID-19 were just a little less harmful in Haiti due to the generous gifts you donated which help buy soap, masks and food for many in need. What has been surprising to me as a treasurer of the society is to watch how much of your blessings continue to flow in week after week; long after the appeal letter we sent to you was received. Since July we have received nearly $11,000 of your gifts! This is a true blessing. How can we thank you? Above we show you some beautiful smiles which are also saying “Thank you gracious Canadians, and thanks be to Christ!”

Andrew Jackson,
Treasurer, HLMS Canada.