I greet you in the precious name of Jesus Christ and also on behalf of the people of Poteau. Today, it is a great pleasure for me to personally say thank you for this immense gift you have given to the inhabitants of Poteau. Now our children can study with electrical light and the church can benefit from the evening services. All this is possible thanks to the wonderful project where you sent Brother Lophane Laurent and his team to us. In the past we couldn’t charge our phones, but now the population has electricity 24 hours a day. They no longer need to travel far away, and thereby also spend money unnecessarily. I want to say a big thank you to HLMS Canada for helping to better facilitate the delivery of the Gospel. When a person comes to us to recharge their phone, we take the opportunity to talk to them about the word of God. In the past, on Sundays we only had one service; the morning one. But now we have one in the morning and another in the evening (as well as) Wednesday and Friday evenings . On behalf of Poteau, a population of 3000, I say thank you and the church committee here says thank you too. May God bless you because we never thought that it would be possible to have an election in Poteau (feeling like) the Haitian
state has forgotten us. Thank you very much my brother Wally for this last visit to Poteau and understanding our needs. I want to take this opportunity to ask your society to consider (funding) a sewing and cooking school for our young people in the area. Thank you in advance because nothing is impossible.
Pastor Charles