In 2010, a young woman fighting breast cancer at the hospice at St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto, donated the money to start a school feeding program through the Haiti Lutheran Mission Society. The school was called Mixte Nazareth and 125 Haitian children began receiving a hot meal each school day at .25 cents per day.

As of 2020, there are 418 students registered at Mixte Nazareth, and each receive a hot meal per school day at the cost of .26 cents per student. Our society also sends feeding program funds for 41 children in Jubilee, a small, very poor school near Gonaives. The cost to our society for continued support for these 2 schools in 2020-21 is 21,736 dollars.Trinity Hope, a LCMS organization based in Tennessee, oversees and administers these school feeding programs in Haiti.


Lunch awaits in Mixte Nazareth School