The question “what’s for supper” is asked in homes across North America every day, with confident anticipation of food to come. The children in our households are accustomed to having choice and variety. Children often hope that the evening meal will be one of their favorites. Asking the question “what’s for supper?” may be the determining factor between eating at home and dining with a friend.

In Haiti the question of “what’s for supper” has a very different meaning. Families often go without regular meals. A child asking their parents “what’s for supper?” could mean, “I pray that the Lord will provide some food to eat today.” The current political situation in Haiti, including rioting and other disruption, has impacted the country during the second half of this year and caused work, food and peace to be scarce. In October Haiti Lutheran Mission Society (HLMS) had planned to send Rev. Blaise Morin of (California) to provide spiritual instruction to lay ministers in Haiti. However, it was unsafe and the trip and teaching had to be postponed.

We boldly pray “give us our daily bread” not only for ourselves but also for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. How are families going to get by? The Lord taught us to pray for our daily portion, to trust that God will provide. Due to the already poor economy and civil unrest there is little or no work. For some Haitians, that daily portion gets smaller and smaller. The people of Haiti must turn to their Lord and continue to trust that He will provide. God has blessed us here in North America with more than enough and we can, by His generous blessings, help those in need.

The prayers that you offer, and the financial gifts you provide to Haiti Lutheran Mission Society, ensure that the children of the Mixte Nazareth, and Jubilee are fed their daily portion. Your support of the daily feeding program not only brings physical sustenance to the children but it also provides spiritual food.

With your help we are able to distribute food and catechise the children from Luther’s Catechism. From there, these children are learning about the greatest food, that which comes from Jesus, that free gift of love for them and their families. The children are learning about Jesus’ gift of His own body and blood and how he freely gives it, so that they will live forever in peace and love. The life in Haiti is more difficult than we can imagine, yet Jesus tells us that we don’t need to imagine a better life; he has given it to us, and promises there will be a day when no one will go hungry any more! Praise the Lord!

Through your continued gifts and prayers the HLMS will continue to support the feeding and teaching program in Mixte Nazareth and Jubilee schools, as well as training the lay-ministers in and around Jubilee the Augsburg Confession and Luther’s Small Catechism. These training programs will strengthen their knowledge in the word and help spread the good news of Jesus and the promise of grace and salvation.

Amen! Alleluia! Please consider helping HLMS with our mission to physically and spiritually feed the children and laypeople in Haiti this Christmas season and into the New Year.

May the Lord bless and keep you this season as we celebrate the birth of Christ the Savior, now and forever. Amen.